Welcome to my genealogy website!

This site will soon host my ancestry based upon my total research i have done over the years. All information listed on these pages will be accurate as i should have everything researched with how they say "paper trail" evidence to back it up but in the cases where there ISN'T paper evidence to back up the research, it WILL be duly noted that the research is NOT confirmed with supporting records. I plan to do my best to provide the most detail and factual records that i possibly can BUT some information here-in is based on speculation and DNA testing evidence (also duly noted) due to missing and/or inaccurate records because of the times they came from (inaccuracies in spellings, etc.). If there is ANY information that you come across that you find might be in error, PLEASE feel free to contact me with the correct information and i will get the information changed as soon as possible as i wish to provide the most acccurate information on the individuals that i have listed here, but again i am only human and mistakes can happen and gractiously appreciate ANY support and help with the factual information

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